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Let’s just summarize where each subplot has stopped :

Pedro & Brook : Hidden in a soldier trying to find the poneglyph
Chopper & Carrot : In mirror land fighting Brûlée
Pekoms : Whereabouts unknown
Luffy & Nami : Getting shooed away by Sanji
Vinsmoke Family : Watching the drama
Big Mom : Gathering her Commanders and in red alert

Now, let me speculate, from all the signs that were thrown out what will happen :

– Pedro & Brook :
In here, two things are possible, if memory serves me right, a devil fruit ability will disappear if the user loses consciousness :


And this biscuit soldier looks very similar to a cracker clone… Hmm, so the first possibility is that they will be discovered and captured !

The second possibility I guess is them succeeding, but since they’re going for the poneglyph, I guess Big Mom has some very strong security around that, so them captured is still going to happen.


– Chopper & Carrot :

Here’s now the role they will play, freeing Pedro and Brook, Brook, either feigning to be dead and not be captured, or getting out of his body to look for help, and that’s when Brooper will find out and use the mirrors somehow to get them out.

[ I have another far-fetched theory I’m gonna throw out there, it’s that Minks become very strong and wild at the full moon, so that’s my theory on how Brulée will be defeated]

– Luffy & Nami :


Nami will understand everything since she lived exactly the same situation before, so she will pull Luffy back (not after a tiny Sanji vs Luffy) and make him leave Sanji alone… After a brainstorming reunion, they decide to crash the wedding !

– Big Mom : Worried most about the dinner at hand, she makes sure everyone is inside and the red alert is well spread, and then sends the cloud and sun homies so make some havoc all over Whole Cake Island… Forgetting that these two are also homies and that Nami will tame them… In the dinner, it is revealed that Pudding was playing along and that she led the Strawhats to the seducing woods on purpose !

– The actual wedding :
Now I have no valid foundations for this theory, just counting on my guts and on the fact that Oda loves big entrances
The pastor/priest/whatever is declaring Pudding and Sanji Husband and wife until something happens….
1) Luffy gets out of the wedding cake and Big Mom is furious, it has taken so much effort to make that
2) Zeff, coming to the wedding and saying something like : “You dare not invite me to your own wedding you impudent seaweed !” or better
“You think stupid minions like the ones they sent me are enough to put me down ?”
3) A mirror somewhere smashes with Carrot/Chopper/Pedro/Brook and waving that they have a copy of the poneglyph with them

A big huge scuffle starts, Big Mom in furious rage, Sanji taking revenge at the Vinsmokes and one-shotting all of them before they all run away

I know… especially at the end I got a lot into fan-wishing very far from facts and Oda style… But admit it, you wish it’s like that like me don’t you ?

by hamadidou


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