The Strongest Living Mortals of Universe 7 and 28 Planets- Dragon Ball Super

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 started the process of forming the Universe 7 Warrior Team for the forthcoming Battle Royal. The Fate of The Entire Universe will depend on this team.

In the DBS series the team has not been formed yet, but from the intro we know how it’s going to be. All 10 fighters are going to be from the planet Earth; Yeap Earth now has the responsibility of the entire Universe 7 on his shoulders.

Many fans are pissed off or I should rather say finds it illogical that all the fighters of U7 are from Planet Earth. Well, that’s not the case it actually does make a lot sense.

In Episode 83, The Supreme Kai revealed that there are only 28 planets with living mortals in Universe 7, and they also went into search if they could find someone strong from those planets.

Now, the majority of the Dragon Ball Fanverse didn’t take that too well, if you are one of those guys. You have issues with 2 things that they only have earth fighters, and that only 28 planets have living mortals on the Universe right?

Well, in this video both the points will be explained for you better understanding.

First of all, about the 28 planets, you might think that the number is too little, but then again based on what are you saying the Universe is supposed to have more?

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