What Are The Strongest Moves In Pokemon GO?

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What Are The Strongest Moves In Pokemon GO?

Trainers! Suprises are waiting for you.

Pokemon GO has updated its battle features to provide a more exciting and strategic system for gamers. Many players are not sure of their attacks which will help them to overtake the opponent.

The days are gone when players can just button mash in their battles. The update has effected many of the game’s quick moves such as Pound in order to elevate charge moves like Body Slam and Hydro Pump.

Wanna know the strongest move per DPS (Damage points per second) ? Yes, It is Cross Chop a fighting-type move that’ll dish 30 DPS.

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Now you know the strongest and the weakest moves . So try them. If you want a shot of making your charge attack a critical hit, then you better know whether your water-type has a type advantage over a normal-type or not.

See the list of complete ranking of the moves of POKEMON GO.

Strongest Charge Moves by DPS(Damage points per second):

Cross Chop: 30

Stone Edge: 25.81

Blizzard: 25.64

Body Slam: 25.54

Power Whip: 25

Hurricane: 25

Megahorn: 25

Solar Beam: 24.49

Fire Blast: 24.39

Hyper Beam: 24

Earthquake: 23.81

Hydro Pump: 23.68

Dragon Claw: 23.33

Strongest Quick Moves by DPS(Damage points per second):

Pound: 12.96

Metal Claw: 12.7

Psycho Cut: 12.28

Scratch: 12

Water Gun: 12

Wing Attack: 12

Bite: 12

Water Gun (Blastoise): 12

Dragon Breath: 12

Fire Fang: 11.9

Shadow Claw: 11.58

Feint Attack: 11.54

Poison Jab: 11.43

Now let us know which move you have chosen ?


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