The Tournament of Power 2? – Dragon Ball Super

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Initially the Universal Survival Arc was promoted as if we will have a 12 Universal Tournament, and Goku was also expecting to fight the strongest from all the Universes. I am pretty sure many of the promotional materials stated it’s going to be an all Universal Tournament, but now we here.

Recently it was revealed that the tournament will involve only 8 Universes. For having higher mortality level, 4 Universes won’t have to participate. What we have on the table now, is a Battle Royal where 80 fighters from 8 different Universes will fight for survival. That battle has a limit, a time limit of 48 minutes. After that the Universe with highest number of Survivors will be declared as the winner.

But, is it really going to be all?

Especially since they have already teased those 4 other Universes. I don’t see Goku resting without fighting them; he wanted to fight the strongest from all the Universes not just 8. The fact that their Gods has been shown, in a way confirms that we will get to see more of those Universes sooner or later. I can very clearly see another tournament including them. It’s not even a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’. Also as they had at one point advertised that we will get to see all the Universes in action, it would do justice for us the fans too.

There’s 2 way to go about it instantly or sometimes in the future.

That is they can build up another tournament with those 4 Universes just after the end of the Battle Royal or they can do it after 2-3 arcs of different stories.

If they want to do it instantly, then maybe it could be something like after winning the Tournament of Power. Goku requests Zeno to let them fight with the higher ranked Universes as they clearly proved they deserve it. Then, it could lead up to a 5 Universal Tournament, maybe they could start it giving them a short break or Zeno could promise to hold it sometimes later. Like, he did with this tournament and we had an arc in between.

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