The Truth Behind The Power of Jiren And His Past! – Explained!

The Truth Behind The Power of Jiren And His Past! – Explained!

Jiren is one of the most powerful characters in the Tournament of Power. Right now, I think nobody can match him in combat right now, and he’s just a monster. We first saw a glimpse of his powers when he defeated Kale in one measly blow. Later, he eliminated Maji Kayo from the Tournament of Power, and after that he went on to fight Goku.
I think without any doubt, Goku vs Jiren was the most hyped fight we’ve seen in a long time. Jiren was said to be strong, but nobody quite expected him to be this strong. He truly defeated Goku within a matter of seconds. Only when Goku awakened the power of Ultra Instinct was he able to match him for some time. But, still Jiren took everything that Goku threw at him

After Goku, Hit fought against Jiren, and we found out that Jiren was actually far, far stronger than Hit. The Tokitobashi technique didn’t work at him at all, and even Hit’s new technique, that allowed him to stop Jiren in a sort of a time prison was not effective. Jiren literally broke through it like it, and defeated Hit as well. So far, the only thing that we know about Jiren is that he’s possibly stronger than a God of Destruction.

But, one thing that’s very strange is, how Jiren was able to achieve this. I recently came across a thoery, and I think it might be possible. The Theory basically stated that Jiren is a former God of Destruction of another Universe. He stepped down, and later when the Universe was destroyed, he joined Universe 11’s Pride Troopers.

This explains why he is so freakishly powerful. The thing is, by now, we know that the Gods of Destruction can step down. Belmod is raising Toppo to be the next God of Destruction, and even Whis mentioned stuff along the lines of being a God of Destruction, when Vegeta wanted to be trained by him. So, it is possible that Jiren is actually a former God of Destruction who stepped down.

Keep in mind that this is just a theory, but one that is possible. I don’t know how you guys feel about it yet, but I personally think Jiren will from one of the destroyed Universes. This could be a turning point in the future, because we could find out about Jiren’s past in the future of Dragon Ball Super. But, again, this is just a theory.
Let me know your opinion about it. Do you think Jiren could be from one of the destroyed Universes? Let me know in the comments section below.

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