[Theories] Dragon Ball Super : Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus

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Dragon Ball Super is getting a lot of hype because of the villain Black Goku. Beerus clearly has the power to defeat him, but the question is – who will defeat the god of destruction if he goes evil? Here are the top five characters who can go up against him in a one-on-one battle.


Dragon Ball Super - Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus - tc-anime-blog

This character is the Omni King. He has the power over all other gods within the 12 universe in the anime series. He is the only being that can certainly defeat Beerus in an instance.

We can even recall how the rabbit-like god trembled when Zeno arrived at the Champa tournament. That alone is a good proof that Beerus would not stand a chance against the Omni King.


Son Gohan

Dragon Ball Super - Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus - tc-anime-blog

Second character on the list is Son Gohan, the oldest child of Son Goku. During his teenage years, Gohan possessed a great amount of power. He even single-handedly defeated Cell, one of the most formidable villain in the series.

However, after that arc, he focused on studying instead of continuing his training. As a result, he became weaker compared to his former self. Fans of the character was then delighted to see him unlock his Mystic form during the Buu arc. But, that was the last time we saw Gohan training to become stronger.

These stuff can suggest that Gohan can really get powerful if he would just train a lot just like before. If he does, he can even go up against the god of destruction, Beerus.



Dragon Ball Super - Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus - tc-anime-blog


We all saw how strong the assassin from Universe 6 is. He managed to defeat Son Goku during the Champa tournament in Dragon Ball Super. His time-lapse power, which improved during his fight with Goku, could be a great advantage if he would challenge Beerus in a fight.

But, keep in mind that the god of destruction would not get his title for nothing, so the 10-second time-lapse of his should still improve before he fights the rabbit-like god.



Dragon Ball Super - Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus - tc-anime-blog

Compared to Hit, the Saiyan prince Vegeta is less powerful. But, once triggered, he can unleash a power that can put Beerus down. In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Goku’s SSJ 3 did not stand a chance against the lord of destruction. Vegeta, on the other hand, landed few blows on him after the god slapped Bulma.

It can be concluded that Vegeta’s power depends on his feelings. It can be as powerful as the gods once his loved ones are hurt. So, it is safe to assume that for him to defeat Beerus, Bulma or Trunks should be hurt first.


Son Goku

Dragon Ball Super - Top 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Beerus - tc-anime-blog

Of course, we have Goku. He is the main protagonist of the anime series and he has already defeated a lot of villains. Also, in the movie Battle of Gods, he was able to put a decent fight against Beerus, but with the help of his comrades.

In the next film, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, we saw Goku and Vegeta mastering the Super Saiyan Blue form. That transformation is said to be close enough to the “Saiyan God,” which Beerus was looking for in Battle of Gods.

Furthermore, just when we thought it is the last SSJ form of Goku, he improved it once more in the TV series. During his fight with Hit, he combined Kaioken with Super Saiyan Blue. But, since it was his first time to use the technique, he fell short against the assassin.

If Goku would continue training, it is possible that he would further enhance the Super Saiyan Blue form. Perhaps, we could see an SSJ 2 Blue or even more that could defeat Beerus in a battle.

Keep in mind that these are just fan-based speculations. Besides, we might not even see Beerus going up against Goku and the others. Why? For they are on the same team now, except for Hit and Zeno. The character that they should take down, though, is Black Goku.

How about you? Who else do you think could defeat Beerus in a one-on-one battle? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Dragon Ball Super airs new episodes every Sunday.


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