Theory: Universe 6 saiyans are stronger than Universe 7 saiyans!!

Theory: Universe 6 saiyans are stronger than Universe 7 saiyans!!

Saiyans are a race that exist in both Universe 6 and Universe 7. They’re born warriors and they have the ability to get stronger as they fight. We only knew of Universe 7 Saiyans some time back. But then, Champa entered the scene, and we found out that there were Saiyans in Universe 6 as well. In the Tournament of Power, 3 of the fighters from Universe 6 are Saiyans. We have Caulifa, Cabba, and Kale. They’re all pretty strong. But, compared to the Saiyan fighers that Universe 7 have in Goku, Vegeta and Gohan, they’re a tad weak

But, when you think about it, they were able to achieve their transformations pretty easily. This has angered a lot of fans of Dragon Ball, and it has never actually been explained as to why that even happened.

Before I start talking about that, I want to point out that there are tonnes of differences between the Universe 6 Saiyans and the Universe 7 Saiyans. To begin with, Universe 7 Saiyans are born different. They have tails, and they can transform into giant monkeys. Universe 7 Saiyans also destroyed Planet Sadala in a civil war and conquered the planet of the Tuffles renaming it Planet Vegeta.

On the other hand, Universe 6 Saiyans are very different. They’ve evolved without tails, and they still reside on Planet Sadala. Just like Universe 7 Saiyans, the Universe 6 Saiyans are still a warrior race, but they’re slightly different in the fact that they are a military police force that protects other planets.

So I think you can say that they’re very different, and the ways in which they evolve should not necessarily be the same. Goku had to batter himself to achieve the Super Saiyan form. For Vegeta, it was the same case. But, Cabba was just able to focus his Ki, and he achieved the form.

Caulifa learned Super Saiyan 2 far more easily as well. Gohan and the rest had to go through a hell lot of stuff to achieve that form. But, it was different for her. She was able to achieve the form very easily. Why is that? The only conclusion one can come up with is that it is easier for the Universe 6 Saiyans to power up and transform than it is for the Universe 7 Saiyans. We’ve seen that already, as I’ve explained above. So, while they’re both strong, it is easier for one to evolve than it is for the other.

Goku acknowledged that fact when he told Caulifa that she was already ready for Super Saiyan 2. The concept of Super Saiyan just didn’t exist in Universe 6. Meaning, the base forms of their skilled warriors will already be ready to achieve SSJ1, but because they don’t try it, they never achieve it.

So, if you compare Universe 6 Saiyans to Universe 7 Saiyans, you’ll find that the Saiyan race from Universe 6 can power up a lot faster, and thus hold the edge ecebn though the ones from Universe 7 are stronger.

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