Top 10 most Badass Old Men in Anime

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Here are the most amazing badass strong Old men from animes which are amazingly powerful and even some of them have trained the main protagonist.

  1. Walter C. Dornez – 69 Age ( Anime: Hellsing )


Walter is a tall, thin man who typically wears black skinny jeans, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, and a purple vest. He also wears gloves of various colors (usually black, brown or white), and tends to keep his hair Short.A former active duty member of the Hellsing Organization and pretty strong guy.

  1. Furinji Hayato – 90+ ( Anime: Kenichi )


Hayato Fūrinji, also commonly referred to as the “Elder”, is Miu Fūrinji’s grandfather and the undefeated elder, head master, and strongest master of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo. He is also known as “The Invincible Superman”. And a member of the Fūrinji Clan also extremely reckless in his youth and violent to boot, to the point where he deliberately spilled tea over another relaxing fighter’s head just to goad him into fighting.

  1. Master Roshi – 430 Age ( Anime: Dragon Ball Z )


Every one likes Master Roshi he is pervert, strong, motivational kind off everything in one also an ancient and wise martial arts master and the first character to wield the trademark Kamehameha.He trained Ox-King, Goku, Krillin and Yamcha that means half of the starting Z fighters are trained by him.

  1. Toshin Raizen – 3000+ Age ( Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho )


Having an stunning look by wearing yellow headband, a yellow obi sash, and white pants. Accompanied by long, white hair, his facial features consist of a long, thin nose, canine teeth, a tattoo below his left eye, and a pained, craving smile.Even he is thousands of years old, Raizen’s body remains young and strong, consisting of a lean yet muscular appearance.As the centuries progressed, however, Raizen became more and more emaciated as he starved himself because of his experience in Ningenkai.

  1. Hiruzen Sarutobi – 69 Age ( Anime: Naruto )


Being the son of son of Sasuke Sarutobi Hiruzen was part of the first generation of ninja produced by Konoha and he, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane were placed under the tutelage of Tobirama Senju. Hiruzen early on displayed prodigious talent in the ninja arts, earning him additional training from Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage; at the same time, Danzō became jealous of Hiruzen and started on side rivalry to surpass him.

5. Zeno Zoldyck – 67 Age ( Anime: Hunter x Hunter )


As a witty old man Zeno is advancing age has not dampened his quick thinking and speed in battle.
Even after his senior citizen status, he is a very formidable tactician and a skilled user of Nen. Being always calm and collected he displays a unique sense of pragmatism.He takes satisfaction in being an efficient assassin and that seems to be his only conceit. Killing is just a job to him and emotion doesn’t enter into it. He only risks his life if there is a reward to be gained.

4. Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai 1000+ Age ( Anime: Bleach )


The oldest captain in the Gotei 13. He has the appearance of an old man with red eyes, a very long white beard, and long eyebrows.Even being old and having frail appearance, he has a very muscular body which he only reveals when he goes to battle.

3. Bang also know as Silver Fang – 81 Age ( Anime: One Punch Man )


Bang has a serious personality: he acts calm and does not seem to be afraid at the prospect of stopping a dragon-level disaster meteor. Unlike most other heroes in the series, Bang prefers to be called by his name.Bang has the appearance of an old man with light blue eyes with white-spiky hair, thick eyebrows and a thick mustache and has slightly tan skin. He wears a long sleeved black shirt, light colored pants and Kung-Fu shoes. Despite his age and appearance he has a very muscular body with many scars.

2.  King Bradley – 60 Age ( Anime: Full Metal Alchemist )


Bradley appears as an older man near sixty with an incredible physique for his age.He has a full head of black hair and a thick black mustache, and a blue tint to his right eye as he is seen to wear an eye patch over his left.Underneath his eye patch is “The Ultimate Eye”, or his regular eye with the Ouroboros mark in place of the pupil and cornea.

1. Edward NewGate – 72 Age ( Anime: One Piece )


When Edward NewGate was in his younger days, he wore an open dark gray vest and a black bandanna, and his trademark mustache was nonexistent.Later in his life, he grew the prominent crescent-shaped mustache, which would spawn his epithet, “Whitebeard”.When he was 52, he wore a blue and yellow pirate hat with his jolly roger on it over a black bandana with black and red, both worn over long, blond flowing hair he had back then

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