Top 10 Best Powerfull Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Most games begin with some sort of “boarding process” level, explaining how it works and the basic rules. That’s not the case, however, for “Pokemon Go” — but it sure hasn’t stopped the game from becoming a global phenomenon.

Now that “Pokemon Go” has been around for a bit, smart players are beginning to pool their information like researchers at some sort of virtual university, and details are beginning to emerge. There are more than 100 Pokemon to catch, but which ones are truly worth your time?

A Reddit group calling itself “The Silph Road” is using data collected from several hundred volunteers to determine which Pokemon do better than others when it comes time to battle at your local gym. Together, they’ve made educated guesses at “hidden” data that dictates which characters are the best in combat. Utilizing that information, below are 10 Pokemon that will help you become the very best.


It might not be the very strongest, but it is perhaps the most desirable. The reason is that Vaporeon is ranked No. 13 in overall statistics that measure its fighting power — but only requires 25 candies to evolve, and is fairly easy to locate. Even better, there’s a surefire way to acquire him.


It’s no secret that Mewtwo is legendary — on the classic cartoon show, quite literally. The only problem is that this hairless-cat-looking thing is very difficult to locate in the wild, let alone catch. Ranked No. 1 in the whole game as far as combined attack, defense and stamina levels, if you can find yourself a Mewtwo it’s safe to say that you’re about to become the best trainer on your block.



The problem with Pokemon Go is that as tough as some creatures may look, you never know which ones will excel in battle and which others will fold like a cheap deck chair. According to these hundreds of volunteers, however, Dragonite is a strong No. 2 behind Mewtwo. The problem, however, is that the creature — and other powerful beasts like Articuno, Snorlax and Moltres — is very hard to find in the wild. Good hunting!


This turtle-looking, cannon-wielding fan-favorite is a valuable addition to your stable because it is somewhat common, cheap to evolve, and powerful in the three key categories that dictate gym performance. Track down this water Pokemon, and watch your enemies get all wet.


In addition to being perhaps the freakiest Pokemon of all (and that’s really saying something!), this multi-headed palm tree creature is out in the wild and has one of the strongest attack levels of anyone in the game.


Tracking down Charmander isn’t too difficult (in fact, it’s one of the starter options, if you were smart enough to select it when you began your journey). If you evolve Charmander a few times you’ll get Charizard — a must-have for any powerful Pokemon camp.


This Pokemon is plenty powerful, and is spotted fairly often in the wild. But let’s be honest, the real reason it’s on this “must catch” list is because this two-headed purple creation is just plain freaky. Basically, it’s a giant germ that coughs toxins on the enemy — so, what’s not to love?


This is a great Pokemon because it looks super tough — and it actually is. Featuring a strong defense and almost equal attack, Pinsir is out there in the wild waiting to be caught and will raise your battling game substantially.


Much like Vaporeon, you can use the now-famous Eevee hack to do some serious evolving and bring this character into play. Jolteon’s attack and defense is quite powerful — just be careful, because along with Pinsir, stamina appears to be a weakness.


If you are able to catch Mew in the wild, you’ve caught yourself one of the top three most powerful Pokemon in the entire game. So, why are you reading this? Turn on your app, get out in the world and get to work. And hey: Watch out for traffic, OK?

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