Top 10 Overpowered Anime Characters

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If there is one thing I have a problem with while watching anime is how much power and advantages over everybody else a specific character has. It could be any of them really, protagonist, secondary or villain I don’t really care. I just think that it is wrong to portray someone as unbeatable or almost unbeatable. People need to have a chance at winning against these guys or the anime will lose some of its fun. I do understand that by some events or circumstances they have achieved the level of strength that they have but it really is ridiculous at times and only leaves room for fights that you already know the ending of.

Saying this, I have gathered the top ten most overpowered anime characters I have seen until now. They do not need to be a specific role in their respective anime and are not classified in any way. I just think these characters should have their power lowered if we are to enjoy any new episodes or seasons. So here they are:

1. Lucy from Elfen Lied:


Having experienced many traumatizing moments as a child and growing in strength throughout the years, Lucy, or Kaede if you will, is known to be insanely strong. Even when other Diclonius are sent to fight her she manages just fine, pretty much just shredding them to bits. The reason as to why she was so strong and merciless is interesting and unnerving at the same time but it does not excuse the fact that she was almost unbeatable. The only time she lost a battle was near the end where she was overwhelmed by Diclonii and soldiers. She still managed though and it is highly implied that she got to go back to Kouta’s house.

2.Kirito from Sword Art Online:


If anyone has seen the anime they know this main protagonist as a disgusting advantage over everything and anything in the game. Even when faced with death in the first SAO, he simply just took over the game and broke all rules pertaining to it. Now, in that case at the very least, he was facing an admin that was cheating, much like what he would later on to save Asuna in Alfheim. However, the rest of the time Kirito is basically an immortal player, almost never losing a fight and doing things that were considered impossible time and time again. There are some cases where he loses such as in SAO 2 but they are very rare and we get the feeling he was not fighting all out. The only explanation to his strength given is that when he fought to live and protect the ones he loved he was invincible.

3.Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach:
Before you say anything, yes he did lose quite a couple times, but have you considered the sheer number of times he came back from being dead to serve some more intense damage? This guy was growing so much and facing so many barriers as any hero does but his mission to always save a girl is not enough of an excuse for him being able to beat such high ranked fighters like Byakuya that easily. It was entertaining and the fight was great but there were times when I needed to see that Ichigo could break under all the pressure and not surpass everybody else and their extensive training with a few days of practice and a strong will.
4.Alucard from Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate:
Alright this character was pretty amazing and interesting despite his immense strength and no one really being able to beat him but they should have probably toned down his abilities a little and focused some more on his story or something. He beats anyone that stands in his way and smiles devilishly as he does it. To be fair in his addition to the list, many of the characters in the series seemed invincible or at least almost impossible to beat.
5.The Entire group of masters from Ryouzanpaku from Kenichi:

The Mightiest Disciple: I get it. They are masters. They probably went through a lot to get there. But would it hurt to show that they are afraid of losing or are even capable of doing so anymore. I will admit this does add some humor to the show as everyone is afraid of this tight group of masters but I need people at their level that they want to fight but at the same time fear death itself if it were to happen, or at the very least be ready to die. The only time this was really shown was with Ma Kensei and his brother since he suffered considerable damage yet still won and walked out of the place with disciple and daughter next to him.

6. Goku from Dragon Ball Z:


I don’t care how many times this man lost or sacrificed himself for the sake of others, the truth is he is overpowered and should be leveled. His training can seem extreme at times but I think the one that deserves to have his strength is Vegeta, not him. Vegeta clearly spends more time training and honing his skills all the while Goku is relaxing or having fun. Nevertheless, he is the hero of the story so he has to beat the strongest foes with minimal training and only get serious after 3 episodes or so.

7.Light Yagami from Death Note:


This guy had people at his feet for about 6 years with full control over the situation. He did not hesitate to use a notebook he found to make the world a new one by destroying any evil, thus becoming one himself. I am still amazed Light lasted as long as he did, defeating L himself! L was a mastermind of far greater intellectual power than Light, but for the sake of the story anything can happen. He was an entertaining anti-hero but did was definitely given too much power for his own sake.

8.Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan:


He cannot turn into a titan or heal instantly so he’s basically a normal, human being right? That is where I was wrong. You do not need those powers to be too strong. Levi just needed speed, swords and determination to make viewers understand that he was the biggest threat to the titans yet. I mean he lost his group, his friends, to the female titan, and then slashed her so many times she could not hold her arms or jaw up. He even rescued Eren and Mikasa from the situation! I am honestly more afraid of Levi than from any other titan.

 9.Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass:
download (1)
Not only did he achieve total control over the world but understood how to unite the people and create a new period of peace while doing so. Let’s remember, this is a high school kid we are talking about. Other than having the power to make anyone do his bidding or controlling their desires, he can work a battlefield, make elaborate plans and use a Knightmare Frame himself in battle effortlessly. He is truly the definition of an overpowered teen.
10.Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan:
This kid basically directed a battalion and achieved his ultimate goal of freeing humans from living underground and allowing them to thrive in the outside. Even when threats came to destroy all that had been built, him and his friends just fought them and won on sheer will power. There is no skill, or at the very least I did not see it. I enjoyed the anime, heck I loved the characters and how hard they fought for everything but I cannot let go of the idea that Simon was the best fighter. To be honest, his screaming was what did most of the work since the spiral worked with that. It went well with the high stakes sense of the anime but I would have liked to see a character that put some effort and training into his skill like Viral but I accepted the lovable Simon instead because that is what they gave us.

These characters were not bad or in any way boring. If anything they carried the anime pretty well with their personalities and strengths. Nonetheless it is undeniable that their strength was unparalleled to anyone else’s and going into a fight with them was basically asking to lose. The characters and the anime are very enjoyable and should be seen by any anime love for a good time and amazing battles. Just don’t go expecting to see anyone beat these guys easily.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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