Top 10 Strong Anime Characters Who can Wreck Havoc easily

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Pirates, Hunters, Heroes and Super Saiyans in Anime and Manga aren’t the sole Overpowered Anime and Manga characters WHO can do some devastating things to  planets and Galaxies. in this list i didn’t use Saitama From One Punch Man due to his overpowered abilities and powers so he is already well known, lets get a glimpse of some other strong Anime characters who are being ignored by peoples who make top Anime lists, in this post you will see overpowered anime characters from various Anime series that marked anime history.

Check out  the highest ten most powerful anime characters. Here we Go!!

  1. Bertolt Hoover – Attack on Titan

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters -  attack on titan

Bertholdt Hoover The Colossal Titan The largest Titan ever encountered, is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga series Attack on Titan
with multiple skills: 3D Maneuver Gear fight, various hand to hand combact styles, various military skills, regeneration, enhanced strength, steam generation, elusiveness Bertolt is comparatively stale once he’s not displaying his actual power. but is believed that he is  Enigmatic Villain, Morally Ambiguous, Giant Monster, Mass Murderer.

9. Guts – Berserk

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - guts

Guts possesses titanic strength gained from a harsh childhood, and with no special power he is now an overpowered character just by his endurance and  willpower. Guts has gained herculean strength.
He  can cleave through both armored knights and their horses with ease.

8. Alucard – Hellsing

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - alucard

being a  real immortal, Alucard demonstrates, in various incarnations of the series, an astonishing and overwhelming range of supernatural attributes ready to develop his entire body from the littlest fragment.
Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so-called ‘third eye’. Alucard can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease, further than that he got a superhuman speed as  He can move faster than the eye can see.

7. Haruhi Suzumiya

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - Haruhi suzumiya

Haruhi possesses unconscious tremendous abilities to change, destroy, and reshape reality to her desires. Just by thinking, she can alter reality. Sometimes this manifests as the ability to make something of her desires truly exist, It is said that if she were to become bored enough with the world, she could create closed space, meaning a new world which could prevent destruction in the “real world”.
6. Aang – Avatar

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - aang

He is a fun-loving, somewhat naive, cool child and Aang was extremely agile and quick even without bending,  he was the only person capable of using all four bending arts: air bending, water bending, earth bending, and fire bending.
He spent a century frozen in ice Aang possessed the power to bend all four elements, making him the most powerful bender of his time Aang’s skill with airbending was exceptional; he was able to fight on-par with strong and powerful masters or against large numbers of opponents.

5. Anyone – JoJo’s unconventional journey

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters -

Since the complete of JoJo’s unconventional journey looks to revolve round the insanely powerful anime characters,  here is one of them named Joseph, who can block bullets fired by Santana after ripping Stroheim’s hair off. he also has the ability to  charges Ripple into his elbows and delivers a powerful strike.moreover he can uses Ripple to extend his arm and strike opponents at a longer range.

4. Gilgamesh – Fate Series

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - gilgamesh

with his quote “You can’t look at me. Worms can only look at the ground when they die, like the worms they are” Gilgamesh, also known as Archer, is a villain from the Fate series he possess senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, perception, intuition are several levels above the ordinary. His compatibility against Heroic Spirits is great due to the versatility of his weapons. He can be called the “Servant Destroyer” because they are no match for him. He is undoubtedly the strongest Servant. it is said he could have ended the Fourth Holy Grail War in a single night if he wished.

3. Zaraki Kenpachi – Bleach

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - Zaraki

In Bleach, He’s damn strong, I’ll give him that..Kenpachi is for sure stronger than most Captains

Zaraki Kenpachi has neveer unbolted Shikai, caus he doesn’t know even his Zanpakuto’s name, therefore it can’t be released. You HAVE to know its name in order to have Shikai. Zaraki’s zanpakuto was screaming when he and Ichigo fight, but Zaraki couldn’t hear it. thats shows how termendus his power is, as he can changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. While still a child, his prowess was great enough to single-handedly kill hundreds of adult fighters and as an adult he has The intensity of  Reiryoku which acts as a sort of armor, making it impossible for him to be harmed by anyone not at least at his level of power, plus he possesses a very large degree of physical strength, most commonly displayed by his ability to push back his opponent’s attacks with a single arm.

2. Adam Blade – Needless

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - Adam

Adam Blade possesses an immense physical strength, endurance and healing powers
strength,speed,durability,flight,shapeshifting,can manipulate and absorb heat and fire it of as condensed beams of hot energy,can manipulate dark matter,he is a Skilled combatant.who Has full mastery of his abilities.he was able to fight multiple powerful opponents in the series despite being grievously injured
he has also the ability of flame which Gives  him control and resistance to fire and heat.

1. Whis – Dragon Ball

TC Anime blog - 10 Strong Anime Characters - Whis

Akira Toriyama said that if he was to give them power scales, Goku is a 6, Beerus is a 10, and Whis is a 15. this guy is genius and has the speed of High Supersonic, it’s safe to assume that whis is indeed the strongest character currently in the DB universe. whether or not that’s entirely true we’ll just have to wait and see.
Whis doesn’t extremely lose. He simply gets bored of you.

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