Top 3 WTF – Dragon Ball Super Ep 57 ‘ Goku and Trunks vs Black and Zamasu’

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Dragon Ball Super Ep 57, features Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Super Saiyan Rose Black. Also, Future Trunks battles the immortal Zamasu! Mai and Yajirobe try their best to help! Vegeta shows off his true power once again!


Number 3- Vegeta’s Dedication 
After getting wrecked by Super Saiyan Pink Goku Black on last episode. Vegeta was not shown much throughout this episode, and keeping in mind the serious blow he took. We all thought he is done for this encounter. But he is Vegeta after all, the prince of all Saiyans. So he went beyond his 100% and completely by his willpower managed to throw another blast, and he attacked with that at a very crucial time. Black and Zamasu was about to finish off Goku and Trunks with a combined attack only to be saved by Vegeta’s blast. This moment was very Vegetaish! The way he went SSJ Blue and then fell down just after the attack, the intense will power to save his son and Goku! You just see the scene and you feel it. Vegeta could not have been depicted in a better way in this very encounter. For all the Vegeta fans who were pissed off after the last episode. Be happy because I think out of the 3 of them Vegeta did the most badass act. No one was expecting him to stand up without Senzu after that. Vegeta has really been shown in a good light here.
Number 2- Yajirobe and Mai’s unexpected help! 
So just after Vegeta defended Zamasu-Black’s attack with his beam a huge explosion was created with a lot of smoke. Taking the opportunity the guy who gets shit down, the legend Yajirobe rescued Goku and Trunks from the spot. He is quite fast when it comes to running. The first time we saw him he ran in par with Kid Goku’s speed. So yeah he was able to sneak Goku and Trunks out of there to a safe spot. Now, this made sense to me. I was expecting him to play an acute role when it comes down it. It totally goes with his character. He is not the bravest, but when things get serious he just barges in and do whatever he can for his friends. This is the ultimate example of bravery. He did that a couple of time in Dragon Ball, like he appeared out of nowhere and caught Goku when he was falling down after the battle against King Piccolo, then of course he cut off Ape Vegeta’s tail giving birth to one of the most iconic Dragon Ball Z scene ever. So, yeah he can proudly say ‘ Yajiorobe is my name, getting shit done is my game ‘.
However, Yajirobe could only take two, so a half dead Vegeta was still under the hands of Zamasu and Black, and as they were about to kill him. General Mai and her army distracted them with smoke bombs as Mai rescued Vegeta from the spot with a bike. Now, what I think about this scene is to make it more convincible they should have also used some Flash and more smoke bombs to create a bigger mess. Anyways it was a very cool scene. Especially when Mai suddenly jumped out of the time machine before it got locked. It was a nice emotional touch to the episode,
Number 1- The Immortal God Zamasu 
Zamasu is immortal in the badass way. You know there are beings that are immortal but can be killed, but our rebel Zamasu here is immortal in a way that he can’t be killed . Looks like there is no way to harm this guy! Trunks stab him with his sword and Zamasu just laughs and his wound heals in no time. Guys Zamasu is the deadpool of the Dragon Ball Universe and I am excited AF to find out what they do to defeat him! However, Trunks goes further to use The Final Flash. Yeap, Vegeta taught him Final Flash but sadly enough that doesn’t have any effect on Zamasu at all. This is so exciting I am just happy to get an immortal character like Zamasu. He is immortal, he is a God, he is intelligent, he has Black under him! This is what I have been waiting for. This arc has the potential to rank among the all time bests. Zamasu as you see is not that strong. He is just immortal that is his biggest strength and for powers there is Super Saiyan Rose Black. I think the only other villain we had in Dragon Ball who is similar to Zamasu is Garlic Jr.!

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