Top 5 Emotional DBZ Moments

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Hey everyone it’ SSJ3CalCal here and today I am here to discuss my Top 5 Emotional DBZ Moments. This is just my opinion so feel free to comment what your list is down below! Anyways, onto the list!

5.Vegeta dying on Namek by Freiza’s hand

Vegeta dying on Namek by Freiza's hand - tc anime blog

I know some of you probably didn’t expect this one. When I first watched the entire Frieza Saga (2 days ago) I was not expecting Vegeta to die. Even when I heard about it, I thought it was a myth. I didn’t believe it actually happened but when I witnessed it, I felt really bad for Vegeta. He only grew up under the rule of Frieza and didn’t know a life of freedom. I really think Vegeta should’ve been the one to defeat Frieza, not Goku.

4.Goku sacrificing himself by teleporting away Cell

Goku sacrificing himself by teleporting away Cell - tc anime blog

This scene was very sad for me and I bet for a lot of DBZ fans too. Even though Cell was about to self-destruct and take everybody with him, Goku decided to sacrifice himself and teleport Cell away from the Z fighters and to King Kai. This one definetly took a lot of guts for Goku to do. Even though Gohan was sad, he knew that Goku was doing this for everyone’s benefit. It sucks that Cell was able to come back and made Goku die in vain.

3.Gohan turning SSJ2

Gohan turning SSJ2 - tc anime blog

This scene was awesome. I think we can all agree on that. When the Z fighters were being murdered before Gohan’s very eyes Gohan could only watch in horror. That wasnt what triggered him, even though it was very close. What triggered him (heh, triggered) was the words of Android 16. He told him that he wasnt a fighter like his father but a peaceful person just like Android 16. As soon as Cell crushed Android 16’s head, Cell knew….he messed up. Thats all i gotta say for this one.

2.Majin Vegeta’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Majin Vegeta's Ultimate Sacrifice - tc anime blog

Vegeta had been fighting Majin Buu with all his strength. He knew that there was no hope for him to beat Buu. He did only one thing. He sacrificed himself to take the monster. Even though it didnt take down Buu, this scene definetly showed all the fans how much Vegeta cared. This scene is definetly one of my favorite Vegeta scenes of all time because it showed how much Vegeta’s character had changed from the Vegeta we knew from the Saiyan Saga.

1.Future Trunks turns SSJ for the first time


Oh man. The number one spot. Where do I even begin with this one? This scene was definely the most impactful scene throughout the entire Dragon Ball series. This scene made me cry when I first watched it because it was just so emotional. The History of Trunks is still my favorite movie to this day and Future Trunks is still my favorite character.

Anyways, that is my Top 5 Emtional DBZ Moments. Let me know what yours are and I hoped you all had a great day today! I’ll see you in the next one!

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