Top 5 outrageous Kaioken users in anime

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There are numerous techniques that exist in anime world which makes an anime protagonist uses his ultimate power , however in dragon ball super we constantly see new powers such as the kaioken which is x10 more powerful than the normal power and alot of people asks how this even works , the kaioken is a technique with increased power and speed and senses in orders of magnitude greater depending on how far you push the power , however theres some drawbacks behind this magnificent technique is that because it is so sudden it can eventually destroy your own body , so controlling it was the upmost importance when using this technique . now theres alot anime protagonists who go full berserk mode sacrificing their body for the sake of power and for friends , let’s start by listing 5 of them :

5. Rock lee (naruto shipudden)

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Naruto - outrageous Kaioken users

Rock Lee is one of the toughest in naruto , he uses kaioken to gain so much power than his original level  , one of users of the eight Gates , he is able to open them in order to gain access to a great amounts of chakra at the cost of doing extreme damage to his body

4 – Gon (Hunter X Hunter)

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Gon - Hunter X Hunter - outrageous Kaioken users

Gon is the main protagonist of hunter x hunter which manga’s returned in this april , gon is powerful , clever , smart , sacrifices many times for the sake of his friends , however in the fight between him and pitou did not go well and had to transform or in other words uses his ultimate attack in order to take down pitou , he did beat pitou but eventually resulted in serious injuries

3 – Gai maito (naruto shipudden)

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Naruto - outrageous Kaioken users

Guy begins with all gates open , No negative drawbacks on Guy during the fight from 8 Gates , Guy warps space with his strongest attack, and with no drawbacks he can use it more than once , guy can control his ultimate power leading him to some great advantages in a fight

2 – Luffy (One piece)

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Luffy - Onepiece - outrageous Kaioken users

Luffy is the main protagonist of one pice , he is cool and funny and stupid dumb character , however he is a true leader when it comes to tough times and serious moments , he uses his ultimate power called gear and his last gear at the moment is gear 4th which , however he sometimes surpass the maximum of those attacks resulting him to unconsciousness , he still needs to fully control this 4 gears alongside with the haki

1 – Goku (Dragon ball super)

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Goku - Dragon Ball - outrageous Kaioken users

Goku in upper hands he is the most powerful protagonist in dragon ball super , he uses kaioken which we’ve seen in the last episodes  , considering that goku only went up to x20 and because of the surge of power that he gain from it could be only sustainable for a short period of times its pertty easy to see why goku is rarely using this technique because one mess up moment and the kaioken user could essentially die.

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