Top 7 Pokemon Go Myths You Must Know!

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Check out these Myths about Pokemon Go!


Number7. Catching The Legendary Pokémon.

Mew,Mewtwo,Articuno,Moltres and Zapdos are the Legendary Pokémon. These Pokémon are the most powerful ones and they believe to have powers beyond imagination. These Pokémon are supposedly very much rare in the Pokémon GO game. However, some players have already claimed that they have caught one of these legendary Pokémon. Well, any news of a Legendary Pokémon being caught is a hoax because Niantic hasn’t released this Pokémon in the game. A player also posted a video where he shows everyone that he found Mew two on the game but the video was so poorly edited that everyone figured it out that it was fake. Also some apps are being used to create fake legendary Pokemon. As far as the news is Niantic has something special for these Pokémon. Most probably they will arrange special events on specific venues, but this will not happen before Pokemon Go gets released worldwide. We will just have to wait and watch.
Number6. The Blue Glow Mystery 
Some of the Pokémon has some blue glowing light around them. Some of the Players think that the Pokémon which has blue lights around them will have more Cp when evolved than the ones which don’t have. Well, clearly it’s a myth. The blue light only represents the Pokémon which has been recently caught by you, that’s all, nothing more to it.
Number5. Ingress, a lifesaver
Ingress is a similar type game like Pokemon goes which is also developed by Niantic. Ingress uses the Google maps api which led to a report that this could help in battery consumption and loading times by downloading offline Google maps. Some of the users have tried this and they claimed that they gained benefit from it. However, this system is actually useless. Google Engineer made it clear on Twitter that downloading offline Google maps dents have any effect on the game Pokémon GO. The persons who thought that they had benefitted from this system were clearly wrong and probably they thought something’s changed because of their expectation.
Number4. Pokémon Spawns according to environment
In the game, it is observed that the Pokémon which is found in parks, fields, jungles are actually the ones which are really the grass-type Pokémon. And the ones which are found near water bodies are water type Pokémon. So basically in most cases, Pokémon spawn according to their habitat. And this idea led to the myth that water type Pokémon are found in rain, flying type Pokémon in high wind and ghost type Pokémon found in graveyards and etc etc. To be honest, I think it would be really cool to find water type Pokémon more during rain and flying type Pokémon during high-speed wind. But this system is not so easy as it is said but I do hope one day Niantic will bring this new format to us.
Number3. Shiny Pokémon
Shiny Pokémon is the colored versions of the regular Pokémon. This makes them rarest of All Pokémon even rare than the legendary ones. According to Statistics, You may find 1 in 4096 Pokémon. And a few GO players claimed that they have already caught Shiny Pokémon. But it’s fake too as Niantic didn’t release any Shiny Pokémon in this game.
Number2. Outsmarting the Pokémon GO app
In the Game, you have to walk a certain amount of distance to hatch your eggs. This led to a myth that the GO app can be outsmarted by putting mobile phone on a ceiling fan or a record player. But obviously this won’t work as Pokémon doesn’t count how many steps are taken, it just counts the distance that has been traveled. So this idea is as useless as a Farfetch’d Pokémon.
Number1. Eevee’s Evolution 
Pokémon Go’s evolution works in a different way than the main game series. So a great fuss was created about Eevee’s evolution. Firstly it seemed random. But players wanted their Eevee to evolve into one that they want. So they started experimenting new things on their Eevee. And they found a correlation that EV’s secondary attack determined into what they would evolve. But as it was a myth, many different opinions were found. Then a second idea came that player can manually control into what their Eevee would evolve into by changing their Eevee name into one of the three Eevee brothers from the anime and Eevee named Pyro would evolve into Flarion and Eevee named Rainer would evolve into Vaporeon and Eevee named Sparky would evolve into Jolteon. This sounds so like a myth but actually, it worked on most of the Players.

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