“UUB Coming Soon”- Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Thoughts

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 was a 5 star episode in terms of action. Android 17 returned, and he went beyond our expectations. We witnessed just how mysteriously powerful 17 has become, as he displayed his power standing up to God Goku. The fight wasn’t the longest, but it was perfect. The fighting choreography, landscapes, dialogues, and stunning visuals really made the episode worth the hype.

This was a special episode because this marked the return of Android 17. We had a pretty dope and classic DBZ style fight between Goku and 17, and 17’s performance was shocking to be said the least. Anyways, this episode also hinted something that might have a huge impact on the upcoming arcs, and also as to in which direction Super will go from here onwards. As a fan I could imagine a lot of different interesting ways they could spin this UUB story, and I’m looking forward to check out your thoughts in the comments. I’ll now talk about UUB’s part, and it’s going to be long but after that I am going to explain how 17 was able to keep up with Goku. So, make sure you watch the full video.

Goku wanted Evil Buu to reincarnate as a good guy, and UUB it is. Buu is someone who has existed ever since the dawn of time, and this UUB kid is his reincarnation. Let that sink in. No fighter of ours was born that great or with such high potential. Technically he should have more potential than any of our Z fighters, he should have even more dormant potential than the Saiyans.

UUB appeared in the last episode of DBZ, and he was able to impress majority of the fans with his little battle against Goku. Now, we don’t know where this last episode of DBZ will stand by the time Super is done, as it might as well get overwritten or rewritten. As you know Dragon Ball Super is taking place after the end of the Buu arc, and not the actual last episode of DBZ. So, anything relating to UUB is a vital indicator as to where the show is going. In Dragon Ball Super, UUB was once mentioned before the U6 vs 7 tournament, but that was very vague, and didn’t really go that in-depth. However, a segment of this episode, clearly reminded us of this legacy growing up somewhere in Earth.

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