Was Zarama the Omni King before Zeno? – Dragon Ball Super

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Hello everyone! It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a blog like this. I apologize in advance! I was drawing blanks on what to talk about and kinda resorted to drawing more. :sweat_smile: Aside from that, I wanted to bring up a very interesting topic that really makes me wonder when thinking about it. That topic being: Could the creator of the Super Dragon Balls have been the ruler of all the universes before Zeno came around?


Before we get into the theory, I’m going to talk a bit about Zarama, and the backstory we were given on him back when Bulma and Jaco went to go learn about the Super Dragon Balls from Zuno.


Backstory on the Super Dragon Balls

In Episode 31 of Dragon Ball Super, we see Bulma and Jaco visit Zuno in his palace in the outskirts of Universe 7. With a limit of three questions per person, they ask Zuno everything he knows about the Super Dragon Balls (SDB). Zuno then proceeds to literally tell them everything about the SDB. Even the diameter. A bit much if you ask me, but oh well. Unlike the other two sets of Dragon Balls we know of, these ones are planet sized, can grant any wish without limitation, and can only be summoned once every year. He also tells them that their creator, Zarama the Ryūjin, or Dragon God in English, was the one who originally created these Wish Orbs. Unfortunately, this is all we’re told and haven’t learned anything else about Zarama since then.


From the information we were told thus far, he’s the creator of the SDB and made them so powerful, they can grant literally ANY wish you have. Unlike the other two sets we know of, those can only grant wishes that are within their creator’s power. To go back to DBZ, when Shenron was asked to kill the Nappa and Vegeta, he could not do this because they were stronger than Shenron’s user, Kami. This means that as a Dragon God, it’s very impressive that Zarama had the power to make the SDB grant wishes without limitations. This would mean his power had/has no limits as well.


The Omni King himself: Zeno

He is the Lord of all 12 Universes. Many people would assume he isn’t threatening at all because of his child-like appearance, but don’t let that fool you. This is someone that even the Gods of Destruction Champa and Beerus fear! His power is unknown, but we can assume he’s the strongest being in all of Dragon Ball so far. We know this by how he destroyed 6 universes from a tantrum instantly, and we have the 12 Universes that we know of now.


Back to the theory at large here

So, let’s finally get into the nitty-gritty of what I was originally going to talk about. Is it possible that Zarama could have been the Omni King before Zeno came around? This would be interesting because that would mean the the titles all gods receive is based upon succession. Who’s to say Beerus was always the God of Destruction? We already saw Zeno joke about replacing him before because he was slacking. Even Whis offered Goku Beerus’ position.

From this, I have more than enough reason to believe that Zarama could have been the Omni King before Zeno appeared. Zarama could have possibly been the King of Everything at one point, and eventually he either grew too old and appointed Zeno as his successor, or was killed off before being able to officially crown Zeno himself before passing on into the the next life. Now I can’t say anything about that last part, as we would then be wondering what happened to the being who killed Zarama? Possibly Zeno became strong enough to finish him off? Either way, if Zeno was given the title of Omni King after Zarama, then that would mean Zeno has the power to create and destroy the Super Dragon Balls.

This would be similar to how we see Guru pass on his power to Moori before passing on. Even with Guru gone, because he passed on leadership to Moori, the Namekian Dragon Balls came back into existence once more. This also happened when Dende was appointed the new Guardian of Earth after Kami fused with Piccolo and there wasn’t a Guardian to watch over the Earth and there weren’t any Dragon Balls to use on Earth. Hence, this is why it seems very likely for Zeno to have the power to restore the Super Dragon Balls from any incident that could have caused them to not be in proper working order.

This is all hypothetical, so don’t go around saying this is confirmed by me or anything of the sort. :joy:

That has been my theory blog. Hopefully it makes any sort of sense to any of you. If you agree or disagree with me, let me know in the comments below! It was fun thinking about this, and hopefully we’ll get more answers about Zarama and his Super Dragon Balls in the future. Anyways, that’s all for the blog. Thank you for reading, and stay amazingly awesome everyone! :blush:


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