By which way was Roshi considered as the first Super Human

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Well I keep wondering how to present about a Super-Human transformation, and I got the idea that maybe we have caught sight of it already.

Although these concepts below might not occur, fancying them is definitely interesting.

Principle 1: The Saiyan Principle


I realized that Trunk’s Super Trunks figure likely takes after Master Roshi’s MAX power mode.

maxresdefault (5)

hqdefault (1)

A quick wiki search reminded me of Roshi’s serious figure.

And I wondered how could it be if Master Roshi’s serious figure looks like a Super Saiyan, and his MAX power form is like that of Trunk’s Super Trunks? With the assumption, the next possible figure would be the same with a super Saiyan 2.

Although it would not be as strong as the Saiyan SSJ2, witnessing the way Roshi can defeat all of those Frieza soldiers in MAX mode recently, it can be said that a human SSJ2 as mentioned in this principle would be as strong as a Saiyan Super Saiyan. It’s not all that great now, however, it is better that the human Z fighters could be put on the map in respect of power.

Here’s a visualization I made of the idea

Principle 2: The Frieza Principle

So how could it be if human transformations were equivalent to Frieza’s? Frieza’s transformations are limiters of his own power, which was too much for him to cope with.

maxresdefault (6)

For humans are far physically weaker than Saiyans, it’s an assumption that they have greater powers. However, during birth they are sealed away within a group of transformations.

This shows that Serious Figure and MAX Power mode are just the way Roshi frees his limiters, not similar to Frieza’s transformations. And I keep wondering that there could be more prospective “frees” like this.

What do you think of these ideas?

Source : reddit

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