Who is the mightiest (tail) of all?

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Heck, if I ever had a magic mirror that knows all of the Naruto-verse, I would have asked the same thing, – I mean, who haven’t at least once been awed by the might of these tailed creatures? To common beliefs, the more tails a beast has, the more powerful it becomes. Or at least that is the belief that stands for quite long in this Japanese series, until Gyuki begs to differ. Without further ado, let’s begin the search for the strongest of the tails by skimming through the details scattered along the fillers.

kyubi 10

Shukaku, the one-tailed beast has its own spotlight in the Konoha’s crush arc where Gaara relied on it during his faceoff against Naruto. Apparently it can control sand and seal Jutsu using the seal markings on its body. Not unlike other tailed beast, Shukaku combat ability is not adequately mentioned aside from its being the second biggest Chakra tank.


Matabi, on the other hand, possesses few techniques. Tailed beasts in general don’t have many techniques anyway, aside from the unique abilities granted upon their Jinchuriki. They are also different in terms of their Chakra reserves, although all of them possess great amount of Chakra. Hidan and Kazuku captured the beast without much hassles.

Matabi naruto

From within the lake comes the Sanbi, a 3-tailed monster that takes a form similar to a turtle’s. What can we say about it, seeing how Deidara blew the thing up with his explosions? Or how it could have been sealed by four underpowered Shinobi, if only Akatsuki had let the guys do their job. In any case, if that doesn’t tell how much underwhelmed Sanbi is, I don’t know what does.


There isn’t much to be said about Yonbi except that it produces lava, and doesn’t do much more during the airing. Not like its fight with Kisame was any lengthy enough to show off all of Yonbi that we could see.


Gobi, the five-tailed horse-lookalike, does have useful-looking horns although they are just mere bonuses adding to its already immense Chakra reserve. That said, Gobi isn’t much of a help without those two features, which is why they are better off sealed within a Jinchuriki to help release their full potential.


The six-tailed seems to prove the point that tailed beasts get stronger the more tails they have. I mean, if Obito had to send Pain to capture it, he probably believed the Rokubi worths the ordeal, although neither the manga nor the anime haven’t tried too hard to assert this. Despite its defeat against the six paths, it still stood up well for itself for a while.


Nanabi, the seven-tailed dragonfly, is also among the ones less mentioned. Its Jinchuriki gained the ability to fly, at formidable velocity even; it can also lighten the place to give way to its comrades. Aside from that, not much more is said about it.

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A big part of the plot is developed around the Gyuki and the nine-tailed, so certainly they are the ones with the most screen time and prowess display. The eight-tailed, who looks like the demonic offspring of an ox and an octopus, is highly capable of combat even after much of its Chakra was drained by Samehada. It has a lot of great techniques, among which was the sealing one allowed by its ink. It seems to have physique also, as a spin can dispatch a whole forest.


As for the strongest, the Kyubi seems the most proper candidate – what can be said about Madara choosing it, out of all his summons, in the final fight against Hashimara? Experienced as he is against an opponent like Hashimara, Madara knew his options among the beast and came to the conclusion that the nine-tailed is the most fitting of all, hence his favor for it as his only beast. It can also be seen to take down six of the other tailed beasts by itself. Isn’t that just terrifyingly strong?


Tailed beasts are incredible, aren’t they? With the right partner they can turn the tide of a battle in the most unexpected way. Stay tuned for more articles!

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