Will there be another Timeskip?

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Small little theory, but it popped up while I was rewatching some of Dressrosa. So many people are speculating we’re going to get a timeskip before we truly fight Kaido. I don’t truly think so, BUT if we do it probably won’t be long. WHAT IF the Reverie is an arc of itself, not directly involving the Strawhats?

Since we got to Dressrosa, the crew has been separated to focus less on the development of the entire crew each island but to introduce and develop allies (the minks, the grand fleet commanders, ect.). Now that we’re on Whole Cake, we should expect new allies to fight alongside Luffy in either the throne war or some other endgame conflict (Vinsmokes? Big Mom? Urouge or Jewelry? Etc).

With that established, i think everyone thinks Luffy and co aren’t ready for Kaido and will need a timeskip, maybe a short one. Maybe once Luffy and the post-whole cake crew makes it to Wano, we will enter the timeskip and it will be off screened. This would be the perfect time to turn the focus over to the Reverie.

This could give us an entire arc to cover the duration of the timeskip where we focus on the reintroduction and development of the kingdoms going to the Reverie and possibly the Revolutionaries and Celestial Dragons. It’d give us to develop the factions who, up to now, have gotten much screen time in the story. And once we finish up we’ll be back to Wano, the alliances will have had done to plan/train, and the battle against Kaido will begin!

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