Who win in a all out fight – Hulk Vs Vegeta ?

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These are some of Vegeta’s capabilities:


TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Dragon Ball Z - Hulk vs Vegeta

  • He can fly! And that too at an extra-ordinary speeds,
  • He has a great quantity of Ki reserve. Especially as a Super Saiyan 4 or even higher,
  • He is fast as well. While can land a few punches, Vegeta can land atleast a 1000 punches in the same time,
  • Don’t forget the fact that he is very strong, to the point, that he can blow-up planets in a single Ki attack like Super Gallic Gun, or Final Flash, or The Big Bang.
  • Besides, one had to keep in mind that Vegeta is a disciplined warrior with life long experience in combat against Hulk who has hardly any training when compared to him.

So, here is how I imagine Vegeta’s strategy: he can be a pride filled character or a sensible one.

Pride filled Vegeta:

  • He can toy around Hulk like a punching bag and knock him till he sees till what extend Hulk can retaliate back.
  • So, he can take it slow on Hulk and make him more and more angry so that he can reveal his limits.
  • Despite how reckless he can be, eventually Vegeta can control his senses. (Eg: When under Babidi’s spells or when he became a Golden Ape with the concentrated dose of Blutz waves from )For  Hulk, his strength is his anger and once he cools down, his strength ceases away. So, after a particular point, he will realize how nasty Hulk can get and will end the battle.

But, for this event to happen such that Hulk becomes toe-to-toe with Vegeta, it might take days or months of fight and thus, Vegeta could get bored of this after sometime and thus knocks him out flat after sometime. Later, Hulk will drop back to his Bruce Banner form and a flash kill with a toned-down intense energy blasts (like the Kamehameha wave used by Gohan against “The Perfect Cell”, the spirit bombs used against Kid Buu and Omega Shenron) will be sufficient to kill Hulk for good.

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Dragon Ball Z -  Vegeta

Why this strategy?

Because Saiyans love fighting and to see an angry green mutant-like human who gets stronger and stronger the more angry he becomes, it is a catch that he cannot miss.

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Dragon Ball Z - Angry_Vegeta



The Sensible Vegeta:

Now, in this attitude, the fight is super short and the fight get’s over within a blink of an eye. There won’t be any drama and Vegeta will not waste anytime.

This would be the end game of the fight:

  1. Both face each other,
  2. Vegeta swiftly goes towards hulk and grabs him,
  3. Vegeta throws hulk into outer space.

In space, hulk can regenerate to some extend. But what one has to keep in mind is that Hulk cannot return back to Earth no matter what he does once thrown into outer space. (If someone helps him, then it is possible. If it is a one-on-one combo, then no chance.) Even if he uses all his might that he used to break a planet once, that won’t affect the scenario at all. Because Vegeta will throw him again into outer space without breaking a sweat.

Besides, if one wants to make things more interesting in this boring fight,

Vegeta throws Hulk into the sun.

Adding a bonus, Vegeta shoots a “Super Gallic Gun” or  “A Final Flash” or “The Big Bang” to propel Hulk into the Sun.

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Dragon Ball Z - Hulk vs Vegeta

As you know, the Sun is very powerful and intense, it can annihilate Hulk in seconds. If you want more details on how this is possible, check out this detailed answer by Thaddeus Howze

Why this idea is feasible?

Because this is a simple strategy and does not require complicated planning.

Vegeta can do this several times, without breaking a sweat.

Also, this is practical as it avoids damage to Earth when the fight goes on.

Besides, this one was done by Goku once and it turned out to be simple and easy!

In the “Baby Saga” of Dragon Ball GT, SS4 Goku lets baby fly away from the Planet Tupple, only to launch a Massive Kamehameha wave that obliterates baby and annihilates his remains in the Sun.

If you think, Vegeta won’t copy Goku’s tactic, then recall how he killed Nappa in the “Saiyan Invasion Saga” when he realized that Nappa was useless against a well-trained Goku.

Check this video link for confirmation!

Well, if you are a Dragon Ball Series fan, then the obvious ending would be the pride filled Vegeta toy with Hulk for sometime and finishes him off with this awesome move!

Sorry hulk! 😛

By _ Arun Prasaad Gunasekaran

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